Insurance is about finding happiness by keeping aside your worries.

Remember the time when Dad pitched in money to buy you your first phone? The time when you fell ill in a new city and a friend took care of you?
Insurance is like having your near and dear pitch in when you need help the most.

With Insurance -
You can make sure there is always enough money to pay for your hospital bills,
Enough money to keep your bike looking new despite a crash,
Enough money to take care of your family when you are no longer able to.

However, Insurance should also help you get to the best hospital and advising on your wellness,
Taking care of you after the crash,
Towing your bike to the nearest garage - giving you and your family those happy moments by removing the worries and hassles of daily life.

Just like the people you can trust with your life,
Insurance should be about help being there for you- simply, happily and always.

InsuranceInbox is old hands and young hearts coming together, to make your money more useful and enjoyable to you, in the simplest way possible.

We begin this journey withInsurance, the first step in using money better.

Enter InsuranceInbox

You can enter our world for free. InsuranceInbox belongs to you whether or not you buy a policy from us.

Translate Benefits

We try hard to translate the promise of Insurance to the pleasure of having real benefits, you can touch at every moment, irrespective of who you buy insurance from.

Make it Simple

We know you hate small print, long form filling and impersonal service. We are working hard to make sure no one has to go through the pain of not liking the Insurance they buy, ever again.

Safe Keep & Share

Where did you keep your Policy you last bought? Can you share it easily with your hospital when you want to claim? Make your Policy accessible and secure at same time- only from Insuranceinbox.

Meet Our Team

Dr.P. Nandagopal
Dr.P. Nandagopal
The Founder, CEO, Mentor, Worker all rolled into one
    Lakshman Kumar
    Lakshman Kumar
    Keeps us true to our values. Head- Governance and Compliance
      Always busy, unless its new business. Business Director
        Hemanth Kumar
        Hemanth Kumar
        All of our Ops or Oops, Connect with him. Head- Business Operations
          Keeps us up to date with the current Tech trends. Director - IT
            A Good Product deserves a Better Sales Pitch. Director - Sales
              Suman Murkuri
              Suman Murkuri
              The Techie! Head- Engineering
                Everyone's business is his business. Business Director


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