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Frequently asked questions


How can I buy insurance on InsuranceInbox ?keyboard_arrow_down

It’s a very simple 3 step process. Select what insurance you want (read up if you want to) & check your eligibility, get the best deals (use filters for highly customized quotes) and apply with your email id! It’s that easy!

What will be the extra cost for me to buy insurance on InsuranceInbox ?keyboard_arrow_down

Customers can buy insurance on InsuranceInbox absolutely free. There is no other cost than the Policy charges/ premium.

How long will the process of buying insurance will take ?keyboard_arrow_down

It should not take a customer to buy any insurance policy more than 2-5 minutes. If you face any technical issue ping or email us . We will be happy to resolve the issue for you.


What types of Insurances are available on InsuranceInbox ?keyboard_arrow_down

InsuranceInbox has aggregated policies of the companies who we have tie-ups with. We are in talks with all the Insurance companies for listing their products on our website. We will soon be listing products of all insurance companies. Choose, compare and buy the best insurance policies here

How many insurance policies I can buy on InsuranceInbox ?keyboard_arrow_down

You can buy as many insurance policies you wish to buy. We suggest you to analyze the need for insurance policies well before buying.

If I need expert advice on the policy, whom can I speak with ?keyboard_arrow_down

We have an expert Help team available at your service. You can call them up between 10am. to 8pm. If the query doesn’t get resolved, we have expert financial experts available, who will resolve it for you.

I want to buy a certain product but it is not available on your website. What should I do ?keyboard_arrow_down

We are working hard to fetch new tie ups with insurance companies, so that we can make all products available to you. In case you don’t find product of your choice send us a request . We will process your request and provide you the solution as fast as possible.

I have trouble ordering the product, it shows server error. What can I do ?keyboard_arrow_down

Sometimes the server may be down for maintenance or high traffic. In such cases we would request you to please bear with us and try after a while. If the issue repeats, please send us the error report


Is there any transaction fees ?keyboard_arrow_down

No there is no transaction fees. The only amount customer needs to pay is the policy cost and brokerage fees unless waived off by the company.

Once I buy the policy how can I pay for it ?keyboard_arrow_down

Customer can pay through net banking or may use credit or debit card for the payment.

How will I pay for my premium ?keyboard_arrow_down

You could pay through net banking/ credit / debit card as is convenient to you.

How secure will be the transactions if I pay online on your website ?keyboard_arrow_down

InsuranceInbox will not be receiving any payments from the Customer. Customer will be paying the payment at the insurer's website.

How can I get cancellations and refunds ?keyboard_arrow_down

You can send us a cancellation or refund request and we’ll sort it out for you. As far as insurance policies free-look period return is considered, you will receive your refund from the insurance company directly back into your account.

I am unable to pay for the policy, the page shows error. What should I do ?keyboard_arrow_down

Sometimes the server may be down for maintenance or high traffic. In such cases we would request you to please bear with us and try after a while. Please do re-check your internet connection too. In case your transaction fails but your bank account gets debited, just mail us the details your refund will be done within 7 working days.

Is it safe buying insurance on InsuranceInbox ?keyboard_arrow_down

Yes. It is absolutely safe to buy insurance on InsuranceInbox. We have obtained Broking License from the IRDA to give you this service. We practice fair operations so please rest assured. Also, the founder of InsuranceInbox Dr. Nandagopal has served as the CEO of 2 large insurance companies earlier. You’re in safe hands.

Paisavasool Plan

How can I reduce my health care costs?keyboard_arrow_down

Choose the right provider: We are currently empaneled with 16 provides to give you a wide range of options to cater for your needs. Sounds like too many options to choose from. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you find just the right plan!

Get discounts: Besides offering a great variety of options, we also provide discounts on your diagnostic tests and pharmacy costs to help you lower your health care costs.

Avail Insurance that pays for your expenses: We provide policies that serve for various kinds of expenses. Some of these expenses include critical illness add-on, reimbursement of healthcare expenses etc.

Tell me the advantages if I sign up now?keyboard_arrow_down

It’s a FREE account – no sign up charges unless you want to buy other products: We stand true to our words, PaisaVasool! No other charges involved unless you want to buy our products. No credit card information required.

It’s like keeping your health progress report in your pocket:Well, that sums a key functionality of your account. You can now carry all your test reports with you wherever you go by uploading them on your portal. And don’t worry, we don’t share your reports with anyone without your consent

You can share with your Doctor confidentially- no need to search: You can now share all your reports with your doctor with a single click of your hand. Use our share feature to send the reports to any doctor you wish to in a confidential manner.

You can keep tab on your regular reports to check the trends in your health condition: You can upload monthly reports for any test and analyze the trend in a single view.

You can get best insurance based on your health needs: We at insuranceinbox recognize that every customer has different health needs and we provide insurance for all kinds of individuals.

It’s like a Digital Doctor- it gives you daily dose of health tips/topics to keep you you’re your account serves as your digital doctor, providing you with a variety of health tips based on your profile.

How can I keep track of my health regularly?keyboard_arrow_down

Your report is with you always- you know what your latest health condition is: Get your test done and we get your report ready for you. Look at the analysis to get an idea of any potential health condition.

The daily dose of health tips and topics you can quickly read and follow for better fitness: We recognizestaying fit is an important aspect of being healthy. Sign up and get daily fitness tips to stay healthy and fit.

The next report you may take, can be posted here and compare the improvement in your health condition: Get your health report and post your report in your account to get a comparison of your health condition right in front of your eyes

You can avail the insurance benefits of wellness etc to maintain your health: Apart from the various health insurance benefits, you also get rewarded for maintaining good health. Get reward points by participating in wellness programs

How Insurance helps me in various ways?keyboard_arrow_down

It protects you against going out of pocket in case of medical emergencies; sudden strain on cash flows etc: Today insurance is a must for everyone to protect themselves from unforeseen circumstances. You don’t need to worry even if your pocket is really tight

Even for regular medical expenses, you can claim in case of certain policies: Yes, we do offer products that provide reimbursements on various kinds of healthcare expenses.

Insurance helps you keep fit because your premiums may go up if your health deteriorates: Various wellness programs are offered for an all-round development of health. Keep your health fit and also enjoy discounts on your next premium.

Which Insurance I should buy?keyboard_arrow_down

If you have family, you should go for Family Floater: Have a family? Only spouse? Kids? Parents? We cater for all kinds of family floater plans. So start your journey now!

Choose the sum insured carefully- it should not be too small or too high basing on your age/income/ location/health condition: Choose the optimum sum insured that could cater for the needs of you and your family in case of any issues.

Choose the right provider with good credentials: We have a great number of options for you to choose from. You can click here to go the best deals page.

If there are extra expense not paid by Insurance, what should I do?keyboard_arrow_down

Check and avail best discounts possible from various providers: Before you purchase insurance, it is a good practice to spend a good time looking at the benefits and offers you could avail

Keep extra savings to cover your out of pocket health costs: Always keep extra savings to cover for any unprecedented health costs.

Change your insurance plan to expand the coverage: You can always extend your coverage if you have any extra need for coverage.


I am not able to open my InsuranceInbox account. What should I do ?keyboard_arrow_down

No there is no transaction fees. The only amount customer needs to pay is the policy cost and brokerage fees unless waived off by the company.


What does InsuranceInbox do?keyboard_arrow_down

InsuranceInbox is in the business of selling insurance policies to its customers. We are an Insurance Broking Company licensed by IRDA, This means that the IRDA has given us authority to sell insurances of different companies across India. We follow the same set of rules and guidelines mentioned by IRDA. We have listed all the insurance policies for customers on our website so he/she can choose, compare and buy best insurance policy suiting his/her requirements.

How InsuranceInbox is different from other companies ?keyboard_arrow_down

InsuranceInbox is run by Market experts with over 100 years of man experience in financial service industry. We run our operations with best of the brains and field experts. Apart from keeping it straight and simple, we have tried to solve customer queries regarding Insurance. We provide

-Fair and straight comparison of Insurance policies – Customer can buy insurance policy based on his/her requirements with the power of visible fair comparison. He/she can compare policies and evaluate the policy offerings on the spot to choose the best one.

- Fair operations – We run a fair business. We are supported by team of Market experts and super supportive staff. We are happy to resolve even the tiniest queries and issues about insurance be it about buying, claim settlement, policy details etc.

- Fair Guidance - We are happy to resolve even the tiniest queries and issues about insurance be it about buying, claim settlement, policy details etc. If the customer has query he/she can call our help team and expect fair guidance.

What is Openworld World Insurance’s privacy policy ?keyboard_arrow_down

Please have a look at theTerms & Conditions andPrivacy Policy here .

How InsuranceInbox will earn revenue ?keyboard_arrow_down

Honestly, we earn revenues when you buy a product from us. The other technology and man services given to you are absolutely FREE.