The God of “Insurance” is arriving…

Like the Greek mythology, the Indian lore has designated Gods for many things. But what about Insurance?.

It may appear a bit stretched if we say that Ganesha is the God of Insurance. But if we think a little abstract, Insurance is all about protection and removing financial obstacles, who does that in the Indian mythology? Lord Ganesha.

Well Insurance is not a myth and so is the faith of millions in the powers of the elephant God.

Ganesha would definitely qualify to be the God of Insurance, though he did not pass IRDAI licensing exam.

Imagine we have the Goddess of Wealth (Lakshmi) and the God of Insurance (Ganesha) both symbolizing different aspects of financial services and coming under the aegis of SEBI and IRDAI. More interesting thought, if Shiva as a member of the Trinity takes up the role of God of Destruction-then the Son and Father have a role conflict in the celestial family- son is assigned to protect and father is destined to destroy.

Let’s come back to the earthy issue of Insurance. We all may have different ideas about (and some policies of) Insurance. But what’s the right connotation? Oxford Dictionary describes Insurance as a thing providing protection against a possible eventuality.

We the mortals are worried about the possible eventuality of death, disease destruction, destitution and invented Insurance to transfer the risk from our lives to someone else.

Intuitively, when we celebrate the festival and pray to Lord Ganesha, we like Him to take care of all our risks. The universe is a place full of risks of different categories and dimensions. This universe would be in chaos if the Supreme Risk Manager does not underwrite our lives to maintain the balance and provide protection.

Believers pray to Lord Ganesha to ward off all negativities from their lives-in a way, they are seeking Insurance of their lives. Before beginning any new work, they chant mantras to invoke Lord Ganesha, to ensure success in the venture with good results without obstacles or accidents – a subject that comes under the domain of general insurance.

When we pray to Ganesha, we submit our wishes to the Lord and hope our application through prayers would get His attention. This is the Policy of utmost faith of millions.

The Policy of Insurance in a lesser sense, is also an instrument of faith. Both the Insured and the Insurer must say all the things which are true related to the subject matter of insurance. In a way, it’s similar to the Catholic Church’s Confession box. You confess if you have health or other problems before you seek insurance. Through this confession called Declaration, a decision will be made to offer you protection or not.

As mortals, mostly our wishes center around material things-house, car, education, marriage, job, retirement, health, wellness, longevity etc.

Millions throng to the Ganesha festival venues seeking His blessings to be kind and remove obstacles to erase all your worries, for those who believe, HE is the Protector, HE is the Benefactor.

But God helps those who help themselves. For every problem, there’s solution. Disease, Accidents and destruction are not acts of God. They are mostly man-made.

Apart from Divine Intervention, you should take simple steps to help protect you and your family. Pain goes away through Prayer. But money comes back only through a Policy.

Insurance is the first step in financial security. There’s no better time to think about it while worshipping Ganesha, the Lord of Beginnings.

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