OpenWorld Way of Doing Things – 5 things that Drive Us!

“A big part of financial freedom is having your heart and mind free from worry about the what-ifs of life”

– Suze Orman

OpenWorld helps you in making your money and investment decisions easier, simpler, fairer followed by a wholesome buying experience.

At OpenWorld we have tried to blend in the latest state of the art technology with financial services. We are on our toes to help you solve your everyday money problems. We believe that solving financial problems is first step towards earning happiness. Gone are the days when you couldn’t keep track every penny spent. Let technology and beautiful charts show you how you’re spending and how you ideally, should be!

We try to bring the complete experience of money journey. From earning money to creating wealth, OpenWorld’s user friendly do it yourself tools will help you have control on your finances on your own.

We are working hard every day to ensure that people afraid of taking (right) financial decisions feel independent and confident. In a country where wealth creation is no dream anymore, it is important for us to make our customers understand the value of financial freedom. The pain point of people’s everyday financial life is what drives us to help them.

So, what are we trying to solve?

Problems because of Lack of Confidence –

The main reason is people don’t trust anyone with their finances and hence they take wrong financial decisions. Among the ones doing some or the other investment, many end up making losses or getting pulled into dreams of get rich quick schemes that are designed to fail.

This happens because of blind investment decisions followed by lack of control on their own finances. The sad truth is people who end up making losses tend to discourage many other potential investors. This doesn’t make sense since we live in an emerged India where wealth creation is no dream anymore.

Our technology gives people the confidence to take control of their financial lives and take decisions all on their own, backed by information and data.

People often don’t understand that their financial requirements can be way different from their friends and families’. Investment is a risk but it is not justified to keep your money in a simple savings account either. The idea of customer understanding the value of being financially sound is one big driving factor for us. We want to make people believe in financial freedom and make them independent in taking financial decisions.

Complexity of Financial Services Product –

Another big reason is complexity of finance. We understand why customers are afraid to take better financial decisions. Many potential investors don’t invest in more risky options such as stocks or mutual funds irrespective of their risk profile. The big reason is they don’t understand the sectors well. Financial investments are complex for sure but they are worth understanding because of their returns.

We at OpenWorld have made our processes simple, easy, fair and complete so customers don’t have to go through any pain to understand products and processes. We have tried helping customers everywhere possible from demystifying insurance and other legal jargons on our website to hiring expert panel to help them with financial advice.

Once you are with us, a smooth and fair financial journey is guaranteed.

Undervaluation of Financial Freedom –

Lots of people undervalue the power of financial freedom in India. The sad truth is many of us still believe that opening a savings account or keeping some amount aside in a piggy bank is the best treatment to money. Imagine a situation where you are the only earning member of your family. If unfortunately you die what your family will do? You could have thought of buying a Life insurance earlier but now it’s too late for them. Or what if you get stuck in some medical emergency and you don’t have enough money for the treatment? The same money which could be invested to produce more is not enough for the treatment now.

The word financial freedom is so strong and we believe that when practiced in real life, it can change your life completely. Many unfortunate cases of wrong mutual fund investments or problems with insurance claim settlement have made our minds averse to investments. At OpenWorld we believe in power of financial freedom through investments. We want to help the customers with the same and that is one more reason that drives us.

False Promise Trap –

We all hear about false promises in world of finance. Sadly marketing is built around them. We all have gone through the false financial promises at some point in time. This somehow drives us. How can we take the pain of a false promise being made on our hard earned money?

At OpenWorld we have made transparent processes to keep our customers worry free. Everything at our service is transparent and on the table. We guide customer on how to take care of their own finances, with fair processes and unbiased product display.

We Love Taking Challenges –

At OpenWorld we have always loved challenges. If you say bringing a complete financial planning model under one roof is one humongous challenge, we can’t agree more. But we love accepting challenges and that is why we are here.

One great reason that drives us is we are fascinated with the idea of digitizing the world of finance. Like Apple delighted us with calligraphically neat fonts, we dream of delighting people with one go simple, easy, fair and complete financial planning process. When technology is shaping the future of everything in our lives then why not money?

We try to blend the best of the technology with financial services to create one great experience for our customers. We are sure you experience it, you’ll will love it.

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