Curious Case of Salman Khan – Does Justice Mean Punishment Only?

Salman Khan is busy shooting for Bajrangi Bhaijaan. The world (read armchair critics) has forgotten “tweeting” & talking about the 13 year old hit and run case. Media will go crazy about his trial appearance this July again. Salman’s Lawyer, Harish Salve has by now stashed away the fat 30 lakh per day pay checks and the rains are inundating Mumbai like always!

For the junta life hasn’t changed a bit after the court’s verdict, barring the fact that vehicles have slowed down owing to the rains. Thank God for small mercies and lives saved because speeding is dangerous and drunk speeding is life threatening!

Much has been said about what happened in Salman’s case and how he is still driving scot-free – after convicted of killing a human being and an endangered species, the black-buck.

Just for the sake of case verdict background – Salman is now charged with 5 years of imprisonment but the sentence is currently suspended till his next trial in July. Not surprising though. The whole of India predicted it and most fans prayed for it!

But we aren’t here to talk about what Salman did or did not.

The victim whose father was killed in the incident and 3 other beggars along with him, who were injured will still watch Bajrangi Bhaijaan and life will go on for them. The question is – will punishing Salman really solve their problems?

The victims lived on streets, today they live in shanties, handicapped for a life time, with no jobs – living hand to mouth. There were paid a compensation of Rs. 1,50,000 rupees after the incident. Since the accident, one of the handicapped victims with his family has lived with his younger brother and depends on his earnings.

Victims DO NOT Care if Salman Khan is Punished


The victims who lost their livelihood and right to a good living because of the incident have the right to demand this of him, no?

The court had ordered in 2002 an interim compensation of Rs.17 lakh for the victims’ families – what happened to the money – no one knows or bothers about, except of course the victims themselves.

Even if the 17 lakhs are given now, the money should be ideally adjusted to inflation. But such ill-determined, late paid compensations do little help to victims’ families.

Let’s look at 5 Practical Ways Salman Khan Could Help Rebuild the lives of the Victims and “Be Human” –

Give them a Job –

The victims are dependent on their family and extended family for food and shelter for more than a decade now! They could be assured a job that would make them self-dependant and help bring normalcy back to their lives.

Give them Pension-

Salman could spare a “teeny amount” from the 200+ crore blockbuster hits collection every year to pay a monthly pension to the families of the victims, no?

Pay for the Families’ Loss of Pay & Health Costs –

If they were educated they would most probably have an insurance policy which would pay a lumpsum towards their loss of job for future as well as take care of their health care costs. Salman could be that ‘insurance company’ for them and pay them a suitable amount to cover their costs.

Give them shelter so they don’t have to live on streets anymore –

In the age of earth bags that get constructed in less than Rs. 50,000, Salman could as well help rebuild lives of pavement dwellers by helping them build their own houses. If not everyone, at least the victims deserve it.

Fund the victim’s children–

The wife of the man who died 13 years ago has still not got her share of the 10 lakh rupees compensation only because she couldn’t arrange her marriage documents! If he really cared, he would have speed-tracked this too like his bail. He could at least wake up now and fund the victim’s family especially his children and give them a good life to look forward to. They could also get educated and be financially independent.

Well, we could spend our lives wondering why Salman isn’t doing all this – maybe its apathy, maybe it’s the fear that such show of atonement might prove him ‘really’ guilty and show him in poor light among his fans.

Whatever it might be, building lives will only go a long way to restore everyone’s faith in humanity. What’s punishment in our eyes might not really matter to the ones injustice has been done to.

Till the case concludes and action is taken, all we can do is hope that justice is upheld and avoid running our vehicles onto someone or getting run over.

What can you do to Be Safe on Roads?

  1. Don’t Drink and Drive
  2. Avoid Speeding
  3. Avoid speaking on mobile phones while driving or crossing the streets or walking on busy streets
  4. Get your 2-wheeler or 4-wheeler Insured – it is compulsory under the MOTOR VEHICLES ACT, 1988. Failing to do so can land you up in jail for 3 months.
  5. Get Your own Personal Accident Insurance (in case of an accident it will be of help to your family)
  6. Make sure that you have enough Hospital insurance cover (so that any financial loss because of serious injuries or accident can be covered)
  7. Repeat the above for your family and get them insured at the earliest

 “Drive Safe. Stay Safe. Live Long and Earn Happiness”.

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