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Apollo Munich Health Insurance

A joint venture between one of Asia’s largest health care providers, Apollo Hospitals Group, and Munich Re, a Germany based premium Reinsurance Company, Apollo Munich Health Insurance is a well-recognized and trusted name amongst the private sector health insurance companies in India.

Originally, the company was a combined venture between Apollo Hospitals and DKV AG; a subsidiary of Ergo Group and owned by Munich Re. Munich Re acquired an extra 23.27% of shares for Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company in January 2016, raising their shareholdings to 48.75%.

One of the first standalone health insurance companies to enter the private sector market after the liberalization of the Indian insurance industry, Apollo Munich Health Insurance has done a remarkable job over the years. Especially with the availability of Apollo Munich Health insurance online, purchasing these insurance policies has become a lot easier for people. You can compare Apollo Health Insurance plans and purchase the one that best suits your need.


Plans offered by Apollo Munich Health Insurance

With the cost of hospitalization and medical facilities getting more and more expensive every year, Apollo Health Insurance plans provide the optimal solution. The company has designed clear policies, innovative products, and transparent procedures to help bring quality healthcare within the reach of every individual. There is a wide range of Apollo Health Insurance plans that are designed to cater to individuals, senior citizens, and families, with many benefits to suit your budget range.
Mentioned below are some of the most popular health insurance plans by Apollo Munich Health Insurance Co. Ltd.

    Plan Name : Apollo Munich Optima Vital Insurance Plan

      About the plan

      Besides taking a toll on the physical and mental health of individuals, health issues also affect their pockets greatly, more so, if it is a critical illness. This individual health insurance by Apollo Munich provides a lump sum amount if the insured is diagnosed with an identified critical illness (as listed by the company in your policy), has surgeries, or for other medical issues.


          • It provides coverage against as many as 37 critical illnesses.
          • Children, right from the age of four months, are covered, provided that at least one of their parents are already covered under this policy.
          • The plan provides coverage for self, spouse, dependent parents, and dependent children.
          • The policy comes with an e-opinion facility, so that the insured can request for a second opinion from another medical practitioner.
          • You get a discount of 7.5% if you buy a two year policy

                  Plan Name : Apollo Munich Optima Senior Insurance Plan.

                    About the plan

                    Although health issues can happen at any age, they begin affecting you more with the onset of old age. The company has therefore designed this special plan for all senior citizens of 61 years of age or above, which covers them against illnesses, accidents, and medical issues that require hospitalization.


                        • The coverage under the policy includes pre and post hospitalization expenses, day care treatments, organ donor expenses, emergency ambulance services, etc.
                        • Given that the policy is renewed without a break, you get a 5% bonus (that can keep accumulating every year) at the end of every claim free year.
                        • A 7.5% discount is available if you choose the two year policy term.
                        • In case both you and your spouse are covered under the policy, you get a 5% family discount.
                        • You can port your health insurance with some other company to Apollo Munich.
                        • You are eligible to tax benefits, under Section 80 D of the Income Tax Act.

                                Note: To know more about this plan, contact insuranceinbox.

                              Plan Name : Apollo Munich Easy Health Premium Plan

                                About the plan

                                Health issues can be of any type. This Apollo Health Insurance policy protects you, not only against medical emergencies, but also against illnesses that call for an in-patient hospitalization. But that’s not all. You also get to avail additional coverage for critical illnesses under this plan:


                                    • The policy can be bought either on an individual or family floater basis.
                                    • You get to add up to 6 members in one policy. However, in an individual policy, 4 adults and 5 children can be added under a single policy.
                                    • A dependent child can be added after they are 90 days old, given either of the parents are covered.
                                    • The plan has coverage for self, spouse, parents, grandparents, and parents-in-law.
                                    • The coverage under the policy includes pre and post hospitalization, daycare treatments, domiciliary treatment, organ donor expenses, and so on.
                                    • You get to avail of e-opinion benefits, under which, a second opinion from another medical practitioner in the Apollo Munich panel will be arranged for you.
                                    • You get a cumulative balance of 10% for every claim free year.
                                    • You can port your health insurance policy to Apollo Munich from another company, at the time of renewal.
                                    • You are eligible to tax benefits under the section 80 D of the Income Tax Act.
                                        Note: To know more about this plan, contact insuranceinbox.


                                    • Cashless options The Company has a huge network of hospitals to make healthcare easier and more accessible to its customers.
                                    • Claim settlements The company provides a 24/7 call assistance for claim settlements for health insurance.
                                    • Convenient renewals It has an easy and hassle-free health insurance renewal policy.
                                    • Add ons: To help the policyholder maximize on the benefits of their health plan, the company also provides several add-on covers along with its policies.

                                    Claim procedures at Apollo Munich Health Insurance Co. Ltd.Cashless claim

                                    Review of Apollo Munich Health Insurance

                                    A leading insurance company in the nation, Apollo Munich Health Insurance is an enduring brand and a trusted name among its patrons. Besides being recognized as the claims leader by the Insurance India Awards 2016, the company was also tagged as the Best Health Insurance Provider by Money Today in 2015.With a claim settlement ratio of 95% and insurance renewability opted by 80% of its customers, the company has a really impressive statistics. The incurred claims ratio, which is the ratio of the amount that the company takes in as premium and the amount that they pay out as claims, is 64.61%.