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Bharati AXA General Insurance

Bharati AXA is a premium general insurance company in India in the private sector. The company has been operating in India since August, 2008. It is a joint venture between Bharati Enterprises and AXA Group, operating in India. About 51% of the company shares belong to Bharati Enterprises and the other 49% to AXA Group. The headquarters of the company are located in Bangalore, while 87 of its branch offices are spread all across the nation.
Bharati AXA health insurance is one of the many significant general insurance products in the domestic category. The Bharati AXA health insurance plans help the customers with financial assistance to meet their hospital bills and medical expenses. Furthermore, the availability of the Bharati AXA health insurance online has made it easier for people to learn more about the plans and to purchase them. What’s best is that people can easily compare Bharati AXA health insurance plans and choose the one that best suits their needs.


Plans Offered by National Insurance Company Limited

Offered at a fair and low premium, Bharati AXA health insurance policies help both individuals and families avail proper health care and medical attention during times of need. The health insurance plans provide coverage against several major to minor ailments. The company has a vast network of cashless hospitals and a quick cash settlement facility to assist its customers. Coverage against domiciliary treatments, daycare treatments, hospitalization, accidental deaths, and permanent total disability are some of the many benefits of buying a health insurance by Bharati AXA.

    Plan Name : Bharati AXA Smart Health Insurance Policy

      About the Plan:

      Health issues and accidents strike people in the most unexpected ways. Not being prepared to meet the expenses arising out of any of these problems can further increase the stress related to them. The Bharati AXA smart health insurance plan is designed to provide maximum benefits to individuals and their families on the payment of affordable premiums.

      • This plan is available in three variants of total sum insured – ₹ 2 lakh, ₹ 3 lakh, and ₹ 5 lakh. The sum insured is the maximum amount for which the company covers the insured for a policy period.
      • Both reimbursement and lump sum options are available for listed critical illnesses, based on the plan you select.
      • Customers can buy either an individual health insurance plan or a family floater under this policy.


          • Coverage for day care procedures and domiciliary treatment, organ transplantations, critical illnesses like cancer, kidney failure, coronary artery diseases, and so on.
          • Extra benefits such as home nursing allowance, hospital cash allowance, reimbursement charges for ambulance, and in-patient physiotherapy are available for a given limit of the sum insured.
          • You receive coverage for pre and post hospitalization expenses, including medication, diagnosis, and doctor’s fee.
          • You can avail tax benefits under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.
          • You get a 5% renewal discount.
          • You can avail reimbursements for your medical checkups after completing four years under this policy (claim-free years).

              Plan Name : Bharati AXA Smart Personal Accident Insurance Plan

                About the Plan

                Unfortunate accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. Given that accidents can be small, major, to life-threatening, it is best to back oneself up with the best possible policy. The Smart Personal Accident Insurance plan from Bharati AXA covers your personal accident expenses in return for a small premium. The insurance plan is available in seven variants of sum insured, starting from ₹ 2 lakh to ₹ 30 lakh.


                    • You can avail a reimbursement for the actual medical expenses arising out of bodily injuries.
                    • In case of a claim-free year, you get an increase in the sum insured from 5-50% during renewal.
                    • In case of permanent total disability or death, twice the amount of the sum insured can be availed.
                    • You can migrate your health insurance policy to Bharati AXA at the time of renewal, given you have maintained your previous policy without any break.
                    • This insurance policy from Bharati AXA comes with lifetime renewability.
                    • Added benefits such as hospital daily cash allowance, legal expenses and reimbursement of funeral expenses are available up to a certain limit of the insured sum.
                    • The plan includes a free 15 days of look period, within which you can get the policy cancelled and the premium reimbursed and a 30 days grace period for the renewal of your policy.

                        Plan Name : Bharati AXA Smart Critical Illness Insurance Plan

                          About the Plan

                          Critical illness refers to those ailments that put your life directly at risk. These diseases not only weigh heavy on your pocket but also expend your peace of mind and happiness. This Smart Critical Illness Insurance plan provides the policyholder with a lump sum amount to cover expenses related to hospitalization, medication, diagnosis, treatment, and recovery on the diagnosis of a critical illness covered under the policy.


                              • The plan comes with a lifelong renewability.
                              • You get the flexibility to choose from three variants of sum insured, i.e. – ₹ 2 lakh, ₹ 3 lakh, and ₹ 5 lakh.
                              • Pre-existing diseases, as mentioned under the policy are covered on completion of four claim-free years from the date of purchase of the policy.
                              • You can transfer your existing health insurance policy to the company, if the previous policy has been maintained without any break.
                              • You get a free look period for 15 days and grace period for 30 days.
                              • You are entitled to receiving income tax benefits under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.
                              • Additional benefits of home nursing allowance, hospital cash allowance, and reimbursement for ambulance and in-patient physiotherapy are available up to a certain limit of the insured sum.
                              • You get a 5% renewal benefit with the plan.
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                              • Easy Claim Settlements: The Company offers 24X7 claim assistance, and has a 98.27% claim settlement ratio. The incurred claim ratio of the company, for the year 2015-16 is 85.41%, which is actually a comparison of the amount of money paid as claims and the amount of money received as premiums for the given time period.
                              • Cashless treatment facility: Bharati AXA has a pan India cashless network of hospitals. Therefore, you can seek treatment with the nearest hospital in the network and let the company manage the bill.
                              • Flexible plans: Customers have the flexibility to choose plans with the total sum insured ranging from ₹ 2 lakh to ₹ 5 lakh.
                              • Tax savings: The health insurance from Bharati AXA allows you to save a maximum of ₹ 55,000 on taxes, under section 80 D of the Income Tax Act.

                              Claim Process at Bharati AXA General Insurance

                              Claims made with Bharati AXA can be categorized into two types-

                              Review of Bharati AXA General Insurance

                              Bharati AXA has become a household name in the Indian financial quarters. The company has received several accolades since the time of its initiation, for its excellent services in the general insurance sector. It is the first general insurance company to receive dual ISO certifications, namely ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001:2005.