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HDFC Ergo General Insurance Company limited

HDFC Ergo General Insurance Company Limited is a joint venture between HDFC Limited, India and Ergo International, which is a Munich based firm. Where HDFC holds 51% shares of the company, the other 49% belong to the other party, Ergo International.
HDFC Ergo, a premier insurance firm, has established itself as the fourth largest general insurance company in India in the private sector. With an employee base of 2000, the company has about 108 branches in over 91 cities in the country.
The availability of HDFC Ergo health insurance online has made it easier for people to get information about specific plans and buy them. Customers can now compare HDFC Ergo health insurance plans without much hassle and choose the one that best suits their requirements.


Plans offered by HDFC Ergo General Insurance

HDFC Ergo offers a wide range of health insurance plans for individuals as well as families. With a network of more than 6000 hospitals, the company provides extensive coverage against illnesses, medical emergencies, hospitalization, and treatment at affordably priced premiums. There are a number of advantages that come with the HDFC Ergo health insurance plans, including coverages against pre and post hospitalization, daycare procedures, domiciliary treatment, and so on.
Mentioned below are some of the most preferred health insurance plans by HDFC Ergo General Insurance Co. Ltd.

    Plan Name : Health Suraksha Gold

      About the plan

      Life is full of uncertainties and it is only smart to purchase a health insurance that keeps you prepared to meet tough times. HDFC Ergo’s Health Suraksha Gold provides financial assistance to the insured people for medical treatments, illnesses, etc.


          • There is no limit on age at entry.
          • This plan has a lifelong renewability option. This means that once you’ve bought this insurance, you can easily get it renewed throughout your life.
          • You get the option to choose from family floater or individual health insurance policies.
          • There are no limits posed separately on hospital charges, doctor’s fee, disease treatments, hospital room rents, and so on.
          • On the completion of four years, from the first time you bought the policy, you can avail maternity benefits as well as new born baby covers.
          • In case the hospitalization exceeds 10 continuous days, you are also eligible to receive recovery benefits.
          • You get a 10% discount on opting for the two year tenure for this policy.
          • If two or more family members are covered on an individual sum insured basis under this policy, you can get a family discount of 10%.
          • Coverage for in-patient treatment, pre and post hospitalization charges, daycare procedures, domiciliary treatment expenses, and organ donor expenses are a few other benefits of this policy.

              Plan Name : Health Suraksha Regain Insurance

                About the plan

                The Health Suraksha Regain Insurance is an HDFC Ergo health insurance policy that lets you recover without having to worry about meeting the medical expenses every time you fall ill. This beneficial insurance plan provides you with coverage against medical expenses.


                    • There is no limit on age at entry.
                    • There are no sub-limits placed on separate claims like disease treatments, doctor’s fee, hospitalization charges, room rent etc.
                    • You have the option to choose from family floater or individual health insurance plans.
                    • You can avail cashless services from any hospital that is in the network list of the company. This means that your hospitalization bills will be settled by the company directly to the hospital, if you get admitted to any of the listed 6000+ hospitals across the country.
                    • You can get a 10% discount on your premium if you opt for the two year policy tenure.
                    • Some other benefits include coverage for in-patient treatment, pre and post hospitalization expenses, day care procedures, domiciliary treatment expenses, and organ donor expenses.
                    • If two or more of family members are covered under the Health Suraksha Insurance on an individual basis, you can avail a family discount of 10%.
                    • You also get income tax benefits, as stated under Section 80 D of the Income Tax Act.

                        Plan Name : Critical Illness Insurance

                          About the plan

                          Major illnesses prove to be far more devastating than regular ailments. These take a toll on the patient’s health and the mental state of the family, while draining huge amounts of cash. The critical illness health insurance by HDFC Ergo backs you up when you are diagnosed with any of the listed terminal diseases.


                              • Major organ transplant, heart attack, stroke, paralysis, kidney failure, cancer, etc. are some of the many critical illnesses that are covered under the plan
                              • You can avail tax benefits under Section 80 D of the Income Tax Act
                              • The sum offered under the plan can be used
                                • To cover for treatment and care
                                • To cover for treatment and care
                                • For clearing your debts
                                • To compensate for lost income due to a decrease in working abilities


                              • Cashless options – With a vast network of hospitals, the company has made the cashless treatment procedure easier and more achievable for its customers.
                              • Claim settlements – The company offers a 24/7 call assistance for claim settlements regarding health insurances and has a claim settlement ratio of 77% and an incurred claim ratio (the amount of money paid as claims to the amount of money collected as premium) of 51% (for the year 2015-16).
                              • Convenient renewals – The company has an easy and quick health insurance policy renewal process, and renewals can be made online as well.
                              • Add-Ons – The company provides value added services that enable you to add different covers to your health insurance policy to enhance your coverage.

                              Claim procedures at HDFC Ergo General Insurance

                              Review of HDFC Ergo General Insurance

                              In the modern world when individuals are so prone to accidents, injuries, and illnesses, acquiring a health insurance is a must. HDFC Ergo General Insurance brings forth health insurance plans that cover a range of ailments along with providing major benefits such as cashless hospitalization, easy payment benefits, high no health claim benefits and so on.
                              Before you buy, make sure to compare the various HDFC Ergo health insurance policies on offer at Insurance Inbox, to make sure that you make an informed purchase.