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One of the leading general insurance companies of India, Reliance General Insurance is a trusted name that has a huge customer base from across industries and domains. The company has over 139 offices and more than 12,000 arbitrators across the country. Reliance offers a host of insurance solutions to its patrons with respect to motor, home, health, travel, and much more. Also, they have recently launched India's first Over-The-Counter health & home insurance policies, promising complete convenience for their customers and guaranteeing satisfaction.
Health insurance by Reliance is one of the most sought after products and their wide portfolio of plans ensures that there is something for everyone, matching their needs and budget. Every Reliance Health Insurance plan is developed to provide a sense of relief in times of emergencies, by covering the medical expenses incurred due to sudden illnesses or accidents. With Reliance’s all-day online and tele-calling services, the brand makes insurance more accessible to everyone.


Plans offered by Reliance General Insurance

Reliance health insurance has an impressive range of plans, each developed to meet the different financial needs in case of a medical emergency. These plans are available on individual basis as well as on family floater basis. Reliance health insurance plans are broadly of three kinds – a conventional insurance policy called the HealthGain Plan and two specific coverage policies that protect against Critical Illnesses and Personal Accidents.
Listed below are the benefits and features of each of the Reliance health insurance plans:

    Plan Name : Reliance HealthGain Plan

      About the plan

      Reliance HealthGain is the latest offering from Reliance General that caters to individuals and their families. The individual cover offers a basic protection in the range of ₹ 3,00,000 to ₹ 18,00,000 for those between the ages of 5 years and 65 years. The plan, as a family floater, covers health costs of the entire family, ranging from ₹ 3,00,000 to ₹ 18,00,000.

      • This plan is all-inclusive plan that covers all expenses related to hospitalization and offers special benefits for the girl child and single women.
      • If you are above 45 years of age, you will be required to get your medical screening done before you can buy the individual Reliance health insurance policy. For the family floater plan, the health screening is to be performed above the age of 18 years.
      • The plan covers a maximum of 6 family members – 2 adults and 4 children


          • You can avail a 33.33% increase in the base sum insured (the maximum amount that will be paid out under this policy for claims) for every claim-free year.
          • The policy entails you to enjoy a Family Discount – 5% discount for 2-3 members and 10% for 4-6 members – on plans.
          • A 5% discount is offered for single women who propose to buy the policy and a Girl Child discount of 5% is applicable in the floater plan, covering daughters till the age of 20 years.
          • If the policy is not issued to you within 10 days of the company’s receipt of all your documents, you will receive an extra sum insured.

              Plan Name : Reliance Critical Illness Plan

                About the plan

                The Critical Illness policy, as the name suggests, helps cover medical expenses and offers a lump sum amount in case of the diagnosis of any of the 10 critical illnesses that are listed in the policy. Under this policy, life threatening illnesses are categorized as Category I and lifestyle disabilities as Category II.

                • The insured person must survive for over 30 days after being diagnosed of a Category I illness for them to be eligible for a claim.
                • For Category II illnesses, the insured person must survive for over 60 days after diagnosis to be eligible for the policy benefits.
                • The policy can be renewed only up to 55 years of age.


                    • The policy offers a 5% No Claim Discount on every renewal of the policy, if there have been no claims in the previous policy term.
                    • Critical Illness policy is your financial shield against the most unpredictable critical illnesses such as cancer, coma, paralysis, sclerosis, heart attack, kidney failure, etc., as it provides you with a lump sum amount to help you cope with the crisis.
                        Note:To know more about this plan, contact insuranceinbox.

                      Plan Name : Reliance Personal Accident Plan

                        About the plan

                        While most health plans talk about covering the expenses related to illnesses and diseases; this benefit policy helps you remain protected against financial losses that are experienced due to death or disability resulting from an accident.While most health plans talk about covering the expenses related to illnesses and diseases; this benefit policy helps you remain protected against financial losses that are experienced due to death or disability resulting from an accident.

                        • Reliance Personal Accident Plan offers complete coverage for situations arising from accidents, including accidental death and permanent disability.
                        • The capital sum insured, or the maximum amount that you will be eligible to claim under the policy, depends on your annual income.
                        • The premium rates that you have to pay are defined after taking your occupation and the associated risks into consideration.


                            • The plan offers an education fund for up to 2 children of the policy holder.
                            • It also offers reimbursement of costs of bringing the mortal remains home as an additional coverage.
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                            • Reliance General Insurance operates through 139 offices and over 12,000 intermediaries spread across India, ensuring quick and immediate services for its customers.
                            • The brands innovative insurance products like the recent Over-The-Counter home and health insurance policies are one of their kinds in India, offering utmost convenience in buying policies.
                            • Being a trusted brand, in business since 2000, Reliance General Insurance is known for its high claims settlement ratio of around 95.01% (for the year 2015-16) and holds a good reputation.

                            Claim Process at Reliance

                            Steps to file a claim for your Reliance health insurance plan

                            Review of Reliance General Insurance

                            Reliance General Insurance is one of the leading private insurance providers in India. Reliance General Insurance is known to offer a customized list of insurance products that include motor, health, travel insurances, and specific products such as student travel insurance, as well as over 94 other products. These cater to the corporates, SMEs, as well as individual customers. With a 95.87% incurred claims ratio* for the year 2015-16, Reliance health insurance policies are among the most preferred.
                            The golden rule while buying a Reliance health insurance online is comparing different policies, because not all policies offer the same coverage for the same amount. Ideally, you should compare Reliance health insurance plans to look for an affordable insurance policy that is perfectly suited to your needs. *The ratio of the amount of money paid as claims to the amount of money collected as premium by the company.