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Shriram General Insurance

Shriram General Insurance Company Limited was incorporated as a joint venture between Sanlam Group (a South Africa based life insurance company) and Shriram Group, the popular Indian conglomerate, in 2005. Shriram Group, with as many as 25 companies in India, has a customer base of over 9.5 billion.
The company boasts of an impressive portfolio of products, Shriram health insurance being one of the most popular and sought-after. Shriram offers cost-effective insurance products with the primary goal of addressing the needs of the ‘common people’ of the country.


Plans Offered by Plans offered by Shriram General Insurance

Shriram General Insurance has a wide assortment of plans for risk coverage, starting from weddings, shops, and assets, to travel, home, and vehicles. The company effectively caters to the increasing demands of its customers by offering a number of insurance covers that can take care of almost anything and everything that may exist.
Their most popular health insurance plan includes the following –

    Plan Name : Personal Accident Insurance

      About the Plan:

      The Personal Accident Insurance policy has been designed to cover individuals or families against temporary disabilities due to any bodily accidental injuries, total and partial permanent disabilities, and accidental death. While the death or accident of a family member can pose a serious threat to the finances of a family, buying this Shriram health insurance online can ensure their financial stability and peace of mind in case of a misfortune.

      • Individuals between 7 to 50 years can be insured under the policy.
      • The total sum insured under the policy will not exceed the 60 months’ current salary of the insured.


          • The coverage offered by the plan is available worldwide, which means the policy has no territorial limits for providing coverage.
          • In case of the policy holder’s death, the nominee or the person selected by the policy holder to receive the benefit on the settlement of a claim will receive double the total sum assured.
          • Loss of eyes or limbs is also covered under this insurance policy.
          • The insured gets medical expenses of up to ₹ 5000 per amputation.


            • Shriram General Insurance Company Limited is among the largest and most respected private financial services providers in India.
            • The company aims at providing all-inclusive and comprehensive products and services to ensure that the financial stability of the policy holder and their family won't be affected in case of the unfortunate death of a family member.
            • The company has a lot of experience with regards to commercial vehicle financing, various types of financial services in general, as well as in chit funds.
            • With more than 75,000 insurance agents working with Shriram, the company certainly eases the process of finding the best possible insurance policies.

            Claim Process at Shriram General Insurance

            Shriram General Insurance is known to have a good Claim Settlement Ratio, which was recorded to be around 65.66% in 2014-15. Following is the simple three step procedure to go about the claims process with Shriram health insurance plans:

            Review of Shriram General Insurance

            Shriram General Insurance Company Limited is recognized as the only private life insurance provider that holds a record of experiencing profits in its first three years of business. Shriram has come to be India’s most profitable life insurer, in comparison with its industry peers, who have been in the business for over ten years. Moreover, the company has seen tremendous growth in the recent years and currently boasts of 630 plus branches and more than 75,000 insurance agents across India. The company also has an incurred claim ratio of 64.55%, which is the ratio of money paid by the company as claims to the money received by the company in the form of premiums. Health insurance by Shriram is known to be very affordable as it concentrates primarily on the economically weaker sections of society and the rural segments, which is also responsible for generating about 40% of its business. However, it is always wise to compare Shriram health insurance plans with other plans in the market, to ensure you choose the right one, based on your needs.