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Star Health and Allied Insurance Company Limited is a joint venture of ICICI Ventures Funds Management, Tata Capital Growth Fund, Oman Insurance Company (UAE), Sequoia Capital, and Alpha TC Holdings Pvt. Ltd. (Singapore). The company started its operations in the year 2006 and is headquartered in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
The company offers health insurance, travel insurance, and personal accident policies. It has more than 340 offices across India and around 8000+ hospitals under its network.


Plans offered by Star Health Insurance

To make health insurance available to all customer segments of the society, Star Health Insurance offers a wide range of health insurance plans at affordable prices. With its primary focus on health insurance, the company provides diverse plans, which can be customized to meet the requirements of individuals, families, senior citizens, students, travelers, and rural customers. Health insurance by Star provides coverage to a maximum of 4 family members with up to 2 adults and 2 children. A Star health insurance policy offers lifelong renewal and the cost of health checkups is paid by the company, after a block of every four claim-free years.
Listed below are the top Star health insurance plans

    Plan Name : Star Health Gain Insurance Policy

      About the plan

      You can purchase this Star health insurance policy for yourself and your family. The policy will provide coverage for both in-patient and out-patient treatments.

      • The policy comes with a wide range of sum insured options. A sum insured is the total amount that the company is liable to pay as claims in one policy tern. The options available are- 1 Lakh, 2 Lakh, 3 Lakh, 4 Lakh, and 5 Lakh.
      • The premium that you have to pay is fixed for all sum insured ranges and age groups. Irrespective of your age or the total sum insured you chose, you will have to pay a premium amount of Rs. 15219/- (including Service Tax).
      • In case the outpatient benefit (the amount given for outpatient treatments) is not utilized, it can be carried forward to the next year when you get your policy renewed renewal.
      • If you do not make a claim in one policy year, you will be entitled to a no claim discount of up to 10% upon renewal.


          This Star health insurance plans offers covers for inpatient, pre and post hospitalization charges, as well as a range of other benefits.

          • Hospitalization benefit is given only when the hospitalization is for a minimum period of 24 hours. The benefits cover room rent, nursing and boarding charges, doctors’ fees, cost of medicines and drugs, etc.
          • Ambulance charges are paid in case of emergency transportation to the hospital, according to limits mentioned in the policy.
          • Pre-Hospitalization expenses are paid for up to 30 days prior to admission to the hospital and post-hospitalization is paid as a lump-sum amount, up to a specified limit.
          • Specific day-care procedures are also covered.
          • Outpatient expenses are covered up to certain limits, mentioned in the policy. In case this benefit is unutilized in one year, it can be carried forward to next one year only.

              If you are not sure about which Star health insurance policy to choose, you can easily compare Star health insurance plans on Insurance Inbox and make an informed choice.

              Plan Name : Star Comprehensive Insurance Policy

                About the plan

                This health insurance policy by Star covers inpatient as well as specific outpatient treatments. Plus, it also provides for the medical needs of new/expectant mothers. The policy can provide coverage on individual or on family floater basis.

                • Wide range of sum insured options from Rs. 5 Lakh to Rs. 25 Lakh. Plus, the chosen amount can be increased at the time of renewal.
                • There are no limits on room rent and treatment cost.
                • You will be paid for health checkups at a block of every 3 claim free years.
                • Automatic restoration of the entire sum insured by 100% (in case you exhaust your sum insured during the policy year).
                • Upon claim-free renewal (i.e. if you do not make a claim in a policy year), you can get up to a 100% increase in sum insured.


                    This Star health insurance policy provides complete coverage for inpatient, pre and post hospitalization, maternity, personal accident, and many more benefits.

                    • Pre and post hospitalization cover is given up to a period of 30 days and 60 days, respectively.
                    • Outpatient consultation up to a certain limit and domiciliary hospitalization for a period of over three days are covered.
                    • Over 400 day care procedures (medical procedures that do not require hospitalization) will be covered.
                    • Medical expenses for bariatric surgical procedures and its complications will be covered.
                    • Emergency transportation expenses, including air ambulance assistance, will be covered up to the limits mentioned in the policy.
                    • The policy will pay for second medical opinion.
                    • Coverage for maternity (normal and caesarean delivery) and new born baby.
                    • Dental / ophthalmic covers on OPD basis.
                    • Personal accident cover is provided in case of death or permanent total disablement (equal to the Health Insurance cover) at no additional cost.

                        If you are not sure about which Star health insurance policy to choose, you can easily compare Star health insurance plans on Insurance Inbox and make an informed choice.

                        Plan Name : Family Health Optima Insurance Plan

                          About the plan

                          • The policy comes with a wide range of sum insured options from 3 Lakh to 25 Lakh.
                          • It offers auto recharge benefit, i.e. your policy gets recharged with extra sum insured (up to 30% of the sum insured) at no extra cost.
                          • You can opt for automatic restoration of sum insured (when you sum insured is used up completely) by 100% each time, up to 3 times in one policy year.
                          • Health checkup costs are covered after every claim free year.


                              • Inpatient hospitalization benefits include, room rent, boarding and nursing, medical practitioner’s fees, OT charges, ambulance, and other expenses, as per the policy limits.
                              • Pre and post hospitalization expenses up to 60 days and 90 days, respectively.
                              • Domiciliary hospitalization expenses will be covered for a period exceeding three days.
                              • Organ donor cover is offered as an amount up to 10% of the sum insured or Rs. 1 Lakh, whichever is less.
                              • Cost of health checkup is covered, up to the specified limits.
                              • Maternity and new born baby cover is included in the policy at no extra cost.
                              • Cover for all day care procedures.
                                  Note:To know more about this plan, contact insuranceinbox.

                                If you are not sure about which Star health insurance policy to choose, you can easily compare Star health insurance plans on Insurance Inbox and make an informed choice.


                              • India’s First Stand-Alone Health Insurance Company With primary focus on health insurance, the company offers a comprehensive and affordable range of plans.
                              • Pan India Presence With more than 340+ branch offices across India, the company boasts of a wide presence.
                              • Large Network Hospital Base More than 8200+ network hospitals across India.
                              • Wide Range Of Health Insurance Products From individual and family floater schemes to senior citizen health coverage and critical health policies; you can choose from a wide range of plans.

                              Claim Process at Star Health Insurance

                              Star health insurance plans come with hassle-free and customer-friendly direct claim settlement option as there is no intervention of TPA (Third Party Administrator) in the claim process: You can claim for health care expenses in the following two ways- cashless and reimbursement claim.For claim intimation you can contact Star health insurance on the following numbers- Toll-Free: 1800 425 5522 Non Toll-free: 044 28302200

                              Review of Star Health and Allied Insurance Company Limited

                              Star Health and Allied Insurance Company Limited, with its primary focus on health insurance, offers attractive health plans to meet the various health care requirements of different customers at an affordable price. Star health insurance was rated “Best Claim Settlement Insurer” according to the Hindustan MaRs Survey. The incurred claims ratio and claim settlement ratios at Star health insurance are 53.81% and 79%, respectively. The incurred claim ratio refers to a comparison of the total amount the company takes in as premium to the amount that the company pays out as claims in one year.
                              Owing to its innovations in health care industry, the company has been given many awards, the most recent ones include- “Best Health Insurance Provider of the yearat Money Today Financial Awards for 2016-2017 and “World Health Organization Award of Excellence” in 2017. Owing to its plans, affordable pricing, good claim settlement ratio, and quality customer service, Star health insurance has become one of the most trusted health insurance providers in India.You can compare and purchase Star health insurance online on Insurance Inbox. ”