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Health Suraksha Plan

Health Suraksha Silver plan by HDFC Ergo General Insurance comes with features like cover for in-patient treatment costs, pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization expenses, and all other major expenses of a similar nature.

Sum Insured

3,00,000 to 10,00,000

Premium starts from


Key Highlights

    Cashless Treatment at 5000+ Network Hospitals

    You don’t have to pay even a single paisa from your own pocket in more than 5000+ network hospitals, for all the treatments that are covered by the policy. The insurer shall pay for your treatment directly to the hospital, maximum up to sum insured.

    Day Care Treatments

    Insurance company will pay for more than 140 treatments that would require hospitalization for less than 24 hours (Due to advancement in Technology). Please refer the terms for exact list of procedures.

    No Sublimits

    This plan covers all your hospital expenses incurred towards any diseases, room rent, hospital charges and doctor fees without any sub-limits.

    Key Product Benefits to Check

      Pre and post Hospitalization

      Covers your medical related expenses for a period of 60 days before and 90 days after hospitalisation. The medical expenses should be related to the condition for which you were required to be hospitalised

      Expenses for treatment at home

      You can cover the Medical Expenses, if you are bound to take treatment at home in case if you are not in a condition to be moved to Hospitals / Hospital room may not be available when needed / it involves medical treatment for a period exceeding 3 days.

      AYUSH Benefit

      Covers the expenses incurred from treatment through hospitalisation taken under Ayurveda, Unani, Homeopathy and Sidha. The same disease should be claimed for under allopathi treatment

      Organ Donor's Treatment Expenses

      In case of Organ Transplant, this plant covers the medical expenses of Organ Donor's treatment as well.

      No Room Rent Limit

      There is no restriction on the type of room you can take for the treatments you will take in the hospital.

      Ambulance cover

      You can claim upto Rs.2000/3200 as per plan opted for necessary transportation fares by Ambulance required for rescuing your health condition.

      Exclusions to note

        Pre exisiting diseases

        In the first 4 years of subscription, HDFC will not pay for treating medical conditions that you may have been suffering from before purchasing the policy.

        30 days waiting period

        You can only claim for treatments of accidental injuries for the first 30 days after taking the policy

        2 years waiting period

        This policy covers some diseases/treatments like Cataract, Hysterectomy, Kidney Stone, Varicose veins, surgery of Tonsils and sinuses …etc., only after 2 years.

        Additional Covers Available

        Maternity Expenses

        This cover pays medical expenses for delivery including Caesarean section or lawful medical termination of pregnancy while hospitalized. This is limited up to 2 deliveries. In order to avail this benefit you must have the policy for a period of 4 years continuously without any breaks.

        Critical Illness Benefit

        If you are diagnosed with any of the critical illness mentioned in the policy document and if you survive for at least 30 days post diagnosis, you will be paid the critical illness sum insured as a lump sum amount.

        Hospital Daily Cash Benefit

        In case the eldest member get Hospitalized, each and every continuous and consecutive day, he can get daily cash allowance, by choosing this cover. (Maximum upto 30/60 days per policy year).

        Regain Benefit

        Due to claim, if your sum insured exhausts during a given year, then you can regain 100% sum insured with this cover provided no claim bonus has been completely exhausted in that year.

        Assets to be Covered


          Your Health

          You need to take care of yourself so that you can provide your loved ones with all they need. Protect your health from any unwarranted financial troubles by opting for a health insurance plan.


          Family Health

          Your family means the world to you and is the most precious thing in your life. You would want to protect it at all costs. Protect your family with health insurance plan so that no financial problem can burden your family.

          Risks to be Covered


          Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Unani and other alternative treatment expenses

          It has been observed that a combination of conventional and alternative medical therapies quicken & aid the process of recovery. It relates to Ayurveda, Sidha, Unani and Homeopathy treatments. The expenses for such treatments are alternative treatment expenses.

          70% Complete


          Organ donor expenses

          There are mainly 6 types of medical expenses incurred as far as the organ donor is concerned: Organ screening for compatibility, Pre-hospitalization costs, Hospitalization Costs, Organ transplantation surgery, Post-surgery complications & recovery, Post Hospitalization Costs for the Donor

          70% Complete


          Hospitalization Expenses

          Hospitalisation Expenses means the medical treatment costs that is necessary andreasonable in scope to treat the condition for which the Insured Person was Hospitalisedto the extent that such cost does not exceed the reasonable charges. The patient has to be in the hospital for at least 24 hours. Generally covers ICU charges, surgery, anaesthesia, doctor's charges etc.

          70% Complete


          Pre & Post Hospitalization Expenses

          Pre-hospitalization expenses include various charges related to medical tests before an individual gets hospitalized. Post hospitalization expenses include all expenses or charges incurred by an individual after he or she is hospitalized.

          70% Complete


          Ambulance Charges

          The charges for transporting the insured person via ambulance before and after the hospitalization are covered under ambulance charges.

          70% Complete


          Day Care Treatment expenses

          Day Care Treatment refers to medical treatment and/or surgical procedure which is undertaken under General or Local Anaesthesia in hospital / day care centre in less than 24 hours because of technological advancements. The expenses for these tratments are day care treatments.

          70% Complete


          Domiciliary treatment expenses

          Domiciliary Hospitalization is the treatment of the patient taken at home due to lack of accommodation in the hospital/nursing home or the patient's condition being such that he/she cannot be shifted to the hospital

          70% Complete


          Health Check up expenses

          Many insurers these days provide health check up feature for its insured members per some number of years. Many insurers also provide these check-ups as cashless at their network hospitals

          70% Complete


          Our Expert Says

            Hi Dr.Nandagopal, I am looking for a Health Insurance cover. Can you please brief me about this product



            Health Suraksha offers a policy with period of 1 year and 2 years with basic sum insured per year ranging from Rs 3 to 10 lacs. It covers in-patient treatments, pre-hospitalization expenses, 144 day-care procedures, domiciliary treatments and many such expenses incurred during treatment. Also, a pre-policy check is required only if the individual is above 45 years in age. Also, there are multiple add on benefits to cover all the requirements.

            Thank you so much for your help...



            It’s my pleasure. Please feel free to ask whatever questions you have. Myself or my friends will try our best to answer. Just click the below button and ask your questions.

            Our Experts Panel


              Dr. Nandagopal Pothula

              Dr. Nandagopal Pothula has been in the field of Finance and Insurance for the past 19 years. He was the Senior Vice Presidentat Birla Sun Life Insurance and also served as the CEO of Reliance Life Insurance before founding India First Life Insurance Company. He is the CEO of Insurance Inbox.


              Dr. Kamalakar Sai

              Kamalakar Sai has 22 years of experience in finance and insurance background. He has held key managerial positions at Birla Sun Life Insurance, Reliance Insurance, India First Insurance and is currently serving as the Director of Geosansar Insurance Brokerage Private Limited


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              Mamtaa Goel is the Business Director at Insurance Inbox. She has an excellent 12 year record in the field of Insurance having served in senior managerail capacities at Reliance Insurance, TTK Healthcare and IndiaFirst Life Insurance.


                What are the benefits offered by Health Suraksha?

                With Health Suraksha plan you can enjoy maximum health benefits at the most affordable prices. The policy offers cashless hospitalization, reimbursement of expenses that may occur due to any illness or accidents and further extends to cover day care procedures, organ donor expenses, emergency ambulance, domiciliary treatments and AYUSH benefits.

                What are the eligibility criteria for purchasing the policy?

                HDFC ERGO's Health Suraksha plan is open for children from the age of 91 days onwards. Also, there is no maximum age limit at entry.

                Is there any tax benefit?

                Yes, you can avail tax exemptions up to a sum of Rs. 25,000 as tax benefit under 'Section 80D'. In case of senior citizens, you are allowed to avail tax exemption up to a sum of Rs. 30,000 under Section '80'

                What is the procedure for reimbursement of medical expenses?

                For reimbursement of medical expenses - (1) Register your claim with HDFC within 7 days of patient's discharge (2) Send the duly signed claim form and all the documents mentioned therein to us within 15 days of the occurrence of the incident. (3) After receiving the complete set of claim documents, HDFC will send the payment for admissible amount along with claim settlement statement within 30 days in the name of the proposer.


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