L & T General Insurance

L&T General Insurance Co. Ltd. is a subsidiary that is owned in its entirety by Larsen & Toubro Ltd., which is one of the largest business enterprises in India. The company has introduced to the Indian markets, assurance solutions for all segments, ranging from individuals and small and medium enterprises to large corporates. These assurance products cover all lines of insurance including motor, health, property, casualty, etc. The company also has a number of rural and micro insurance plans in order to reach all strata of the Indian society. L&T General Insurance has a strong financial advantage that couples with a history in technology.
A part of the main company, the L & T Health Insurance Company has a huge range of comprehensive health plans that are customer centric, customizable, and cover a wide variety of needs and requirements. Health insurance is truly a line that is seeing growing importance and in keeping with that growth L & T offers numerous options to their customers.


Plans Offered by L & T Heath Insurance

With a view to help provide a financial buffer to people in times of medical emergencies, L & T Health Insurance provides you with access to cashless treatment facilities at over 3000 network hospitals. These plans come with numerous benefits like covering expenses for day care procedures, pre and post hospitalization expenses, ambulance charges, and so on.
Some of the most popular health insurance plans by L & T Health Insurance are listed below:

    Plan Name : Medisure Prime Insurance

      About the plan

      This health insurance plan offers protection on individual basis as well as on family floater basis.

      • Medical expenses are covered in case of hospitalization; depending on the payout limit you chosen (₹ 3 Lakh to ₹ 10 Lakh).
      • Pre and post hospitalization expenses are covered for 60 before and 90 days after hospitalization.
      • You can get emergency ambulance charges covered for up to Rs. 1500 per hospitalization,
      • For hospitalization between 3 and 10 days, ₹ 1000 can be claimed per day, as hospital allowance.


          • Discounts for if the insurance is bought on individual basis by the whole family instead of Family Floater
          • Insurance can be renewed for a 2 year period at reduced premium amounts.
          • If there is a second hospitalization after an accident and the total sum of the policy has been used up, the sum assured or the maximum amount that the insurance company can pay out for claims can be reinstated once every year.
          • There is no limit on the number of day care procedures under the plan

              Plan Name : Medisure Super Top-Up Insurance

                About the plan

                This is a plan that can be bought to top-up your existing medical insurance beyond the coverage that is already provided.

                • Extension of coverage amount at low premiums.
                • Hospitalization expenses are covered.
                • Pre and post hospitalization expenses for 30 and 60 days respectively are covered.
                • Day care procedures as per the policy are covered.
                • Emergency ambulance charges.No medical screening till 55 years of age.


                    • This plan has a Family Floater option available, apart from the Individual plan.
                    • If more than one family members are enrolled in the plan, you can avail a 10% discount.
                    • Costs incurred for treating pre-existing diseases are covered after 3 years.
                    • The premium stays the same, even if you make a claim during the previous year.

                        Plan Name : Personal Accident Insurance

                          About the plan

                          Life is unpredictable and unfortunate incidents might occur without warning. This health insurance has been introduced to allow the insured person and their family to remain safe after any such incident.

                          • Compensation for the physical loss (disablement or death) due to an accidental injury.
                          • Hospitalization charges are covered for accidents.


                              • Education benefits – The cost of the education of dependent children are covered in case of accidental death or loss of eyes or limbs, permanent total disablement, or accidental death of the insured.
                              • Compensation is paid if there is a loss of employment.
                              • Additional expenses like transportation of mortal remains, outpatient medical expenses, ambulance charges, etc. are covered.


                                Claims Process at L & T

                                Claims under health insurance by L & T are of two types:

                                Review of L & T General Insurance Company Ltd

                                L & T is backed by many experienced insurance professionals and the name of a trustworthy brand. The company without doubt, delivers unbeatable services. They have stringent guidelines about the response times for claims and an Incurred Claims Ratio of 46.52%. This has helped them reach the top in the insurance industry.
                                Owing to the numerous types of plans available with varying features and advantages, you should always choose a policy with care. Compare L & T health insurance plans on Insurance Inbox, to make sure you get the right plan, based on your needs.