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Aegon Life Insurance

Aegon Life Insurance Company Limited, formerly Aegon Religare Life Insurance Company Limited started its operations in July 2008. The Company is a joint venture of Aegon, an international provider of life insurance, pensions and asset management and Bennett, Coleman & Company, India’s leading media conglomerate. Headquartered in Mumbai and serving over 4.4 lakh customers across India, Aegon Life Insurance offers life insurance products focused on providing customers the best plans to meet their long-term financial goals.


Plans offered by Aegon Life Insurance

Aegon Life Insurance plans offer a wealth of benefits to the investor, such as life cover, savings, retirement planning and security of child‘s future. You can choose from its host of life insurance plans according to your budget, and the level of protection you want to have. Buying a life insurance plan should involve thorough planning and research; this is why it is always advised that you compare plans before making a purchase. Compare Aegon Life Insurance plan on Insurance Inbox to find a plan that best suits your requirements and your budget.Here are the types of life insurance plans offered by Aegon Life Insurance:

    Plan Name : Term Plan-Aegon Life iTerm Plus Insurance Plan

      About the plan

      A term life insurance by Aegon, this plan offers only protection against unfortunate demise of the policyholder during the policy term. This plan provides no benefit at maturity.

      • The minimum and maximum entry age for buying this policy is 18 and 65 years, respectively.
      • The plan offers a lot of flexibility to the customer with choice of cover (basic or enhanced), policy term (4 choices), sum assured, and premium payment frequency.
      • This Aegon Life Insurance policy offers life insurance plus illness benefit.
      • You can choose from 4 types of plans - Life option, Life Plus option, Life & Health Option, and Life & Health Plus option.
      • There is no limit for maximum sum assured.
      • The premium payment term will be equal to duration of the policy.
      • You can pay your premiums annually, semi-annually or monthly.


          • It is a cost-effective term plan that offers coverage till 80 years of age.
          • You/beneficiary will receive lump-sum payment in case of unfortunate demise, death due to accident, terminal illness and critical illness.
          • You can increase your policy coverage according to your changing life stage requirements.
          • You can choose coverage between 10 Critical Illnesses (Basic) or 36 Critical Illnesses (Enhanced).
          • All future premiums will be waived in case of permanent disability and critical illness.
          • Females and non-smokers can enjoy lower premium rates.
          • Tax benefits on premium paid and benefits received as per the tax laws.
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            Plan Name : Unit Linked Investment Plan (ULIP)-iMaximize Insurance Plan

              About the plan

              Unit Linked Investment Plan is a plan that comes with dual benefits of life cover and wealth appreciation. You can enjoy the combined benefit of insurance and investment under one single plan. Plus, you can buy this Aegon Life Insurance online.

              • The premium for this plan starts as low as ₹2, 000 p.m.
              • Wide range of options for policy term- 15, 20 or 25 years
              • You can choose from 6 unit-linked funds as per your choice and risk appetite.
              • There are premium allocation charges, i.e. no charges for processing and your entire premium will be invested in your choice of funds.


                  • In case unfortunate death of the policyholder, the sum assured will be paid to the nominee as a lump sum.
                  • The plan will continue and the remaining premiums will be paid by the Company.
                  • Amount equal to the annualized premium is paid to the nominee as income benefit till maturity.
                  • Plus, the total fund value is also paid on maturity.
                  • After first 5 policy years you have the option to withdraw up to 20% from your fund value every year.
                  • The maturity amounts from this policy will be exempt from income tax under Section 10(10D) of Income Tax Act 1961.
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                    Plan Name : Savings Plan - Aegon Life Regular Money Back Insurance Plan

                      About the plan

                      • This life insurance plan by Aegon provides money at regular intervals for important milestones of life. Plus, you have the ease to pay premiums for a limited period.
                      • The minimum entry age for this policy is 7 days and the maximum age is 55 (7 Pay and 10 Pay options) and 60 years (Single Pay option).
                      • The policy maturity age or the time when you will receive the policy amount is 75 years (for 7 Pay and 10 Pay options) and 80 years (Single Pay option).
                      • The policy term is 20 years and you have the freedom to choose the premium payment term from Single Pay / 7 years / 10 years.
                      • The policy sum assured will be determined by the age of the life assured, premium payment term opted and the premium amount.
                      • Choose a premium payment mode between annual, half yearly and monthly, according to your preference.


                          • Life cover to support your loved ones when you are not there.
                          • Guaranteed regular payouts for 10 years.
                          • The benefit amount will increase every year by bonus accrual.
                          • You can avail a loan on the policy to meet unplanned financial requirements.
                          • Enhance your policy coverage with Aegon Life Premium Shield Rider which offers additional benefit upon death or disability.
                          • You will get tax benefits as per prevailing tax laws.
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                          • Local & global expertise- The joint venture between a local conglomerate and international life insurance provider brings in both local and global expertise to the Company.
                          • Wide range of plans- Term insurance, savings plus life cover, retirement, and child plans to meet the needs of individuals in different stage of life.
                          • Immediate payment of fund value- Aegon Life Insurance provides immediate support to the beneficiary in the event of unfortunate death of the policyholder. Fund value accrued under the policy is paid immediately as on the date of intimation of death.
                          • Quick claim settlement- For quick settlement of claim amount, beneficiaries are paid through the National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT)
                          • High Claim Settlement Ratio- Aegon Life Insurance has a very high claim settlement ratio of 95.31% for the 2015-2016 year.

                          Claim Process at Aegon Life Insurance

                          Aegon Life Insurance has a three-step claims process that ensures a faster claim settlement with minimal trouble to its customers. You can follow these three steps to file claim-

                          Review of Aegon Life Insurance Company Limited

                          Aegon Life Insurance Company Limited offers a wide range of life insurance plans to help people plan their life in a better way and follows a multi-channel distribution strategy. The Company boasts dual power of local plus global approach to design products that meet the future goals and budget of an investor. Aegon Life Insurance has been awarded the E-Business Leader Award at Indian Insurance Awards consecutively for four years in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.