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A joint venture between the Indian international conglomerate, Aditya Birla Group, and the Canadian international financial service organization, Sun Life Financial Incorporation, Birla Sun Life Insurance Company was founded in the year 2000. The shares of Sun Life Financial in Birla Sun Life Insurance have been increased to 49% in April 2016. Recognized as a premier private sector life insurance company in the country, Birla Sun Life is located in Mumbai and has a customer base of over two and a half million.

Birla Sun Life Insurance Co. Ltd. is the unison of a major business group in the nation and one of the largest life insurance companies in the world. Since the time of its initiation, the company has safeguarded and helped realize numerous dreams all across the nation. Now, with the availability of Birla Sunlife life insurance online, buying a plan has become more convenient for the public. It has not only enabled people to compare Birla Sunlife life insurance plans and then purchase, but also made payment, customer support, and claim processes simpler and easier.


Plans offered by Birla Sun Life Company

Life is ridden with uncertainties. So, to overcome these hurdles and live life on one’s own terms, every individual needs to find effective solutions to prepare for these uncertainties, such as buying a life insurance policy.

Birla Life Insurance plans are not only beneficial, but also affordable, so that a maximum number of individuals and families can benefit of them and stay financially protected. These plans not only empower you to not leave your family’s dreams to fate, but also give you the peace of mind that your family will be taken care of, even in your absence.

    Plan Name : Birla Sun Life Insurance Protector Plus Plan

      About the plan

      You go to all lengths to provide ample comfort and care to your family. However, they still stand at risk from the uncertainties of life, if you have not safeguarded them with a life insurance plan. The Protector Plus life insurance by Birla Sunlife comes with a high sum insured to help you meet increasing expectations and secure the financial future of your family.


          • The plan gives you complete financial protection at affordable premiums.
          • The plan includes a death benefit, which is ten times the annual premium and the sum insured at the date of death.
          • The plan also has a total and permanent disability benefit. In case of any disability during the term of the plan, the company will pay you half the assured sum, while the death benefit will be left as it is.
          • You also become eligible to tax benefits under the Sections 80 C and 10 (10D) of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

                  Plan Name : Birla Sun Life Insurance Future Guard Plan

                    About the plan

                    You never know what the future has in store for you; therefore, it is only best that you secure your family’s future for when you are not around. The Future Guard Birla Sunlife Life Insurance comes as an economical means to support your family’s financial needs in case any unfortunate events were to take place in the future.


                        • Since the premium is decided depending on the age of the buyer, the younger you are, the lower your insurance premium will be.
                        • You get a death benefit with this insurance plan. The benefit is generally ten times of your annual premium added to the assured sum at the date of death.
                        • The plan also provides you with tax benefits under Sections 80 C, 80 D and 10(10 D) of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

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                              Plan Name : Birla Sun Life Insurance Protect@Ease Plan

                                About the plan

                                Even though you try really hard and save up a considerable amount every month, the expenses only keep growing with time and things like inflation waste away your valuable savings. Thus, despite all that effort, you do not see a satisfactory change in your life.
                                The Protect@Ease Birla Sunlife Life Insurance Policy, with its high sum assured and affordable premium, ensures the protection of your family against financial uncertainties, even when you are not around and the income has ceased.


                                    • It comes with two plan options (regular and single pay), which you can choose out of as per your need.
                                    • It also has options to enhance coverage at the key milestones of your life.
                                    • You also get to cover your spouse under the same policy.
                                    • The company has provisions of rewards if you keep a healthy lifestyle.
                                    • This plan comes with an inbuilt terminal illness benefit.
                                    • You receive multiple options to receive death benefits as per your need.
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                                    • Quick Online facilities : With Birla Sun Life Insurance online, you can now pay premiums, purchase plans, file claims, and renew your policies without any difficulty
                                    • Easy Claim settlements : With the claim process online, claim settlement has become even easier.
                                    • Economical plans : To give you maximum coverage at minimum expenses, the company has a range of affordable solutions

                                    Claim procedures at Birla Sun Life

                                    Birla Sunlife Insurance has an easy to understand and hassle free claim process and mentioned below is how you can file a claim with the company –

                                    Review of Birla Sunlife Life Insurance

                                    With over 560 branches in 500 cities and more than 140 associations with banks, brokers, and corporate agents, Birla Sunlife Insurance Company has registered some remarkable development since their inception. And with a claim settlement ratio of 88.45% and total grievances resolves ranging to 99.99% in 2015-16, the company is already a brand in India.